I’m going to get my head down and work. I know, I said something similar at the beginning of the year, but now I AM going to do that. From now on I’m going to focus back on my writing, artistic abilities (not just doodling now!), and I’m hoing to read books that will help me progress.

Because I lack self-disapline I stopped my Lent thing and ate liquorice whilst flicking through YouTube in a lazy fashion.

Well, I’ll notify you on my so called ‘progression’.  780670de5f2bee4ab026e7b7ecc18295_a-goal-without-a-plan-is-just-goals-quotes_462-424

Dover Castle


First of all, I would like to say that Dover Castle is MASSIVE. I didn’t even go around the whole thing today, but I looked around enough to know it is a hard-core (if you enjoy that sort of thing I recommend going there), tourist attraction. (When I say hard-core I mean full of facts, artifacts and tunnels.) It’s not just an attraction for the keen tourists, it offers an immersing eexperience for the kids. With WW2 tunnels, a gift shop packed full of -blunt- wooden swords and the abilty to touch most things, this attraction is practically built for young explorers.

Moving swiftly on….

I started off my journey at the underground Hospital which was a pretty cool experience. The chatty tour guide said that the tunnel had been altered to sound, look and even smell like it would of done all those years ago (WW2). After lunch, I explored the operation dynamo, yet another cool tunnel.

The actual castle was very well kept for an ancient realm- just a few scraps and a small number of missing steps. It was surrounded by lovely grounds which seemed to be never ending. The rooms within the castle were furnished with what historians believe to be medival-like furniture. Overall, a very nice place.


If your not a walker, then this is not your type of attraction, but I’m sure there’s something in the area that will suit you and your needs or disabilities.

Thanks for reading,




Dystopian is my new favourite genre of book. I’m not sure why though- it could be that it’s closely related to fantasy, maybe it’s the amazingness of The Hunger Games and Incarceron. Who knows? Anyway, you should try a book or two out.



Once again I’m here to write about the thoughts that have crossed my mind in these past (what was it?), three weeks. Sorry about the wait, but here I am now…

I need to start art journalling, pronto! The creations I see on their blogs these days are pretty amazing. They layer, they stick, they paint and ,eventually, they receive an good outcome.

Here are some examples:



I’ve also been thinking about buying a tablet/ipad thing. Have you got any ideas on what to buy? Something under £100 please

Finally, I want scrap the ‘7 books to be read in half a year’, my new goal is 30 books read in one year. You can see it on my Good Reads account, GirlWithTheGlasses.

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1960s fashion

This era in fashion is classically known as ‘anything goes’ as many new styles were appearing; these normally broke previous fashion laws that were layed by their ansestors. I’m going to do a quick bus tour of 60s fashion and styles, well, lets begin!


The Hippie

Hippies were trying to make a statement about nature, poverty and equality, not only did they do this through speaking, but through the way they dressed. Influenced by different cultures, hippie fashion was psychedelic patterns, beads, short billowing dresses (girls, normally) and head scarfs. This picture I think sums it up:





Twiggy heavily influenced mainstream fashion in the 60s- trends like ‘baby doll’ and wearing mini skirts started to appear. She had become the face of the 60s, this 16 year old girl was named the ‘world’s first super model’. What a title.




Styles such as: punk, ‘civilised’ (continuing the style used in previous eras), bollywood, swing and BIG HAIR.



The house

via Daily Prompt: Interior

The house gave off a dull, ghostly feeling that hung in the air like sparkles from fireworks, except the feeling was dark and would send shivers down anyone spine. But not mine. Nothing could scare me. Sometimes I almost felt as if I was the ghost; I was the frightenning ghoul that even made grown men wet themselves with fright. Now I was going to enter the house. The remote, desolote house. The house that was haunted.

I began to walk down the cobbled path. Either side of me were hegdes hung thickly with rotting leaves and brambles. And infront was a towering door, it’s wood was rotting with age. As I yanked it open, it screeched a witches curse. I just smirked at it’s ‘scary’ stupidity.

The interior of the house was aged and decayed. The windows were merely fragments of glass glued poorly to the inner edges of the windows frames. Paint was peeling off of the walls and ceiling and the hall was spasely furnished. An oak coat tree lurked in the corner, a single moth-eaten coat hung upon it. The floor was rotting with age and certain floor boards were missing, revealing the cowering darkness of the basement.

Everything was still.

I took few  steps forward. I trembled slightly. Not that I was scared at all, I felt something. A chill prehaps.

A sudden creak stired the house.

I stopped in my tracks, suddenly cautious of what was to come.

Feedback and last night- Ughh!

via Daily Prompt: Year

Hello Peeps!

It is now 2017! This year will hopefully be better than the last one, which seemed to flop in an ugly mess of slime. And as it is now 2017 I would like to get some feedback from all of you (well, the people that are reading this right now (hello!).)

I would just like to know if I’m doing something wrong, if I could be better at something, or something that I’m doing right and I should never change that something. Basically 2stars and a wish (did anyone do that at school?)

Now, last night. *sighs* Could my noisy neighbours be any louder? No, probably not. As soon as I lay down in bed I could hear laughing, chattering and extremely loud music. And guess what the worst part was? They weren’t even on the same floor as my bedroom. I know they were having fun and it was New Year’s Eve, but seriously?

That’s only half of the story…

I woke up later at around 12pm, due to the whizzes and bangs from over the road. Ohh, and next doors ‘wows’ and ‘ohh mys’. Eventually I got up to check on the cat -she was fine, if anyone was wondering- and to visit the bathroom. When I went back upstairs next door had moved into the room next door. More chatter. More laughter.

An hour later, I finally got some sleep.

Happy 2017,


New years eve/ some other stuff


It is 02:45 mins till 2017. Am I excited? No, not really. You can’t really be excited if next door are having a party that will last untill 1am and you know they will chatting and laughing like crazy, whilst you’re trying to get some beauty sleep. Great. It’s going to be a long night.

But do not worry. I will not leave it there; I shall end on a brighter, less depressing note.

I have actually started to write a book! And it is not even 2017 yet. I’m already one step ahead of the game (the game being New Year’s Resolutions). By the way, I am not really thinking of getting my book published. Just saying.

Read this next bit at 12 midnight or after:



Happy New Year!