Bye bye my fellow bookworm

Hello once more! Today I’m saying a see you later and a toodly-pip as I’m going to boarding school. My school blocks blogging and most social media websites so I will see you in around 3 weeks.



Now go and read, quick!



August Wrap-Up

hello everyone!


once again I’m here with another booky post, this time I’m wrapping up the month of August. Overall it was quite a good month of reading and, if I say so myself, was quite fufilling.

let us now proceed…

lady midnight 


To be honest with you all, I finished this book on the 1st of this month, but surely this still counts a smudge towards this months total of books?

anyways, a good book. Long and incredibly thick, but good.

the dark days club


the characters are beautiful, the plot is nicely twisty and the romance is well, a romance. What’s not to love?

one of us is lying


the hype around this book was quite crazy, and I can see why now. This book is amazing! Read it now!

we were liars


hmm, this book was not what I wanted. Too… meh and not me. You might like it, but I am not even a fan of contempery, so why did I read it in the first place?



my first ever anime/manga. Good, I guess. Cutesy and had a weird plot that would be gripping then just bore me half to death. I quite like it though.

five little pigs by agatha christie


(This is a properer (it’s a word not a mistake), review)

this is no nursary rhyme. this is murder.

gosh I’m chilling to the bone.

Well, well, well, Agatha Christie sure is a great author and, this being the first reading a novel of hers, this is a fact that manage to dawn on me from reading the very first chapter.

the characters were rich with a human-like touch (their pro’s and con’s of their personality really). I was in their mind, watching the plot un-fold and the murder’s story open up bit by bit.

The actual plot was intense, short but highly plausible. You can see the logic behind the conclussion and the murderer’s motive. It caught me completely by suprise!

It’s ,hand-on-heart, a great book and definatly worth the read. I’ll be jumping into more of her books soon!😊

thank you all so much for reading and I’ll write again soon,


P.s going back to boarding school the day after tomorrow!

P.p.s here’s a random gif… happy birthday and merry christmas.


Gosh I’m funny today.

What people think boarding school is like vs. What it actually is.

hello again! 

Today I’m bringing you something which I think will quite fun and will shed some light on the whole boarding school situation, as I think that most people don’t really get the whole enviroment of it.

now let’s begin!

what people think boarding school is like…

malory towers and st.clares

61PBFqu44GL._SX342_QL70_ 61ywgNPjSPL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

I’ve been here- these are the actual stories that got me wanting (wishing really), to go to boarding school. And I believed in every midnight feast, every sardine and late night swim those rich little characters had had; but believe it or not, I’ve never had a midnight feast or even brought in sardines from home.

The situations are also quite overly dramatique. There’s never been a fire at my school. Just saying. Also, in these stories, the characters are quite rich, but I’m on a bursary (I pay a small amount of the original price

saying all this, they are both very good books and you should read them.

harry potter

This is the most obvious opinion/ thought of boarding school, as there’s a massive link, like very, very big.

When I told people that I was going to voarding school (many moons ago), a very few people just said: ‘Ohh, that’s really cool’. But the majority of these people said: ‘Awsome! So, you’re going to hogwarts.’ Yeeeaaahhh…no.

Going hogwarts would be really cool, don’t get me wrong, but no, I’m no witch.

spy schools & other secret stuff

These things, books and films focus more on the spying (or ninjaring (it’s now a word), part of it, but there’s still the enemy that you have to share a room with. Then there’s that suspicous house master, just saying.

well I guess I done here, if there was anything I’ve missed out please tell me and I hope the rest of your day will be amazingly awesome!


One Of Us Is Lying (a ramble of spoilers)

Hello Fellow Bookworms,

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your day is/was wonderful! I’m now going to do something I’ve been putting off for a while, due the fact that it will take up my whole evenning, but hey, anything for you peeps.

Before I do get into this post



I’m extremely sorry about this gif, I shall do better next time.

Right, where do I begin?

The beginning was strong despite it’s quickness. It’s almost as if I fell into a chair in that classroom and was watching Simon dying on the floor. A great image really.

It was also a solid start, as you can imediatly get to know these characters and their daily lives at school. I think one of the things that achieved this was starting from Bronwyn’s view, as she’s always really aware of her surroundings and the people in them.

Talking about Bronwyn…

She’s is most probably my favourite character as we are both geeks, but she’s definatly smarter than me.

I’m just saying.

Okay? Okay


it is a bit better…

The personalities of all the characters are all very unique and therefore it must of been quite fun to play around with them as the author. You can decide when they clash and when they are joined. That’s what I like about writing stories, deciding over the times where characters are going to get along and when they are going to fight always seems like game.

now, back to the book…

Throughout the middle section I was consistantly umming and arring about who it would of done it. I had to go through all this pain just because of the many fake hints (actually I wouldn’t say fake, but they don’t lead to the culprit), that came up at the end of each characters’ little bit.

Then came that bit where Nate was taken away by the police and I was in complete shock.


I kept on repeating the same thing over again in my mind: it’s not him, it can’t be him. Why would the story come so far in the storyline to literally kill him off (it seemed like that at least)?

The unspeakable happenned, Addy found out the truth and then I was in complete shock, but also a metophorical bath of happiness (as none of the main 4 were the culprit). Suicide! Where did that come from? I hit me so had that slid in my metophorical bath of happiness, whilst scrubbing my metophrical unicorn with it’s metophorical rainbow shampoo.

Well, enough with the metophorical stuff, I shall get back to the story that has no unicorns or baths of happiness

Now once the ending had gone, something else needed to be mentioned:

The strange relationship between Nate and Brownyn. So they begin as the two that talk about stuff that’s happenning and then they start kissing.

That’s all great and fine and rainbows…

but then they drift apart. And I get extremely confuzzled. 


Then what happens at after the concert? Are they back together?

If you do know the answers to any of these questions please tell me, as this relationship is totally out of my meterphorical bath.

thank you for reading,


A friend at boarding school




You live with these people. Work with these people. Eat with these people.

Like them or not (it’s tricky when you don’t like them), you have to live with them.

Spend a year with them and you seem to know them like you’ve known them for years.

Spend four years with the and you know them inside and out.

Recently, my friend from school decided on moving schools. Lets call her Roberta. Roberta and I shared interests and had a lot in commen (despite her being X10 smarter than me). Then she got bullied. Then I got bullied. The techers questioned the bully. The bully lied. The teachers thought that both the bully and Roberta were being mean to eachother. She left. My sister left.

Soooo, no we’re all sad, here’s a rainbow and a unicorn!💜😀


The Dark Days Club (non-spoiler review)

61QMRiy52cL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ sorry about the bad quality

4/5 stars




Warning: fan girl moments ahead

This book shouldn’t have finished.

I must have more and more must come now! Yes, I know, there is a 2nd one out but sadly there isn’t such a thing as immediate delivery.

Well, we can’t have everything.

now lets begin with the fangirling…

I’ve never really gotten into books that I’ve borrowed into from the library (don’t ask why), but this book was different (hence the fangirling alert).

Drawn in by the cover- it literally shone at me- I read it and loved it.

Helen, at first, seemed like the normal YA female lead. Defiant, curious and has a past everyone remebers but wants to forget. The progression and growth of her character turned her into someone amazing!

Lord Carlston was mysterious and rather unpredictable- that match was made at the beginning😉. Not that the storyline between him and Helen wasn’t unpredictable though, it all seemed to play out in that obvious way. Quite sad really.


The Duke (Selburn), is a nice character and ship him and Helen till the end! Just saying😋 ohh, and forget Lord Carlston, he can go somewhere else…



Alison wrote it all as if she was there and knew everything about the Regency period. I could just devour her books, not caring about the storyline or characters.

Talking about the characters…

They were all so detailed and lovely and deep and thoughtful and yeah.




It’s most probably the end now and I’m very sorry if you got bored or something like that. But *sighs* I’m still not the best blogger in the universe. Saying that, I will never be soooo yeah.


Have you read the dark days club? You should if you read if you haven’t. And if you have well, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!😊


My Top 6 Favourite Booktubers!

I send a Big hello to everyone on this cloudy (or sunny, dark, wacky) Thursday (or any other day)!


I’ve come with a new post on Booktube! And because I now spend approximatly 1/4 of my day watching it and the following people I thought why not blog about them and it. Soooo I hope you enjoy!

  1. Read By Zoe2017-08-10-20-49-31--1549491945

It took a while for me to get into her, but now I would watch her her forever if I could! She is generally cheery and can be hilarious.

2.  PolandBananasBookstumblr_msha8aIvov1ruonawo1_250.gif

With crazy, bouncy videos her videos are easily enjoyable. Anyway, she has nice music- what’s not to love?

3. Peter Likes Bookspeter-monn-peter-likes-books

Peter talks more about adult fiction (and some YA), and therefore throws something different into the mix of awsome Booktubers. He always makes his videos entertaining and he’s very different from most Booktubers.

4.hqdefault JesseTheReader

The same as PolandBananasBooks, Jesse is popular on Booktube and this understandable as he always has fun videos. He mostly posts skits (if you like) and humerous takes on the reader’s life.

5. Naya reads and smilesphoto

I don’t know who wouldn’t love Naya- she’s just amazing! She’s truthfull in her videos, great at vlogs and she has great hair! Perfect, right?

6. A clockwork readerProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hannah is probably my favourite on this list, as well as the one who got me into booktube and made me a complete bookworm! Calm and charming she’s just the completely and utterly perfect booktuber for me!


Thank you for stopping by,


Book related(ish) Rant- writing & things

  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you’d know that I have a fond interest in writing, so now, on this peaceful monday I will tell you of my interest…


When I was little (about 2ish), I began writing my own stories, now I couldn’t writell so it was all just X, O and I. Example: XXOOOIXIO. Nobody else could read it besides moi, they were normallyou about princesses and castles as I was just an average girl who liked pink.

Well, that was that really.

But when I went to school I was introduced to the wider world (a very small corner really but so huge in contrast to my little world), here I really flourished, in my own way anyway.

The next year or two was where I really progessd. Wse had this reading carousel and one of the activities was writing. Just general writing, about anything and everything we wanted to. It was so varied that one time I wrote about my aunt and uncles wedding and another time about an attic or something like that. Yeah, it was good.

Now, a dreaded topic that is a nightmare for some and others a dream of unicorns (weirdos (jokes, don’t worry your still awsome)),spooky spellingpookyghastly grammer. I think you’ve already guessed my thoughts, I hated it. It would always be there like a pesky itch- it will be gone for a bit and then ahhhh it’s back again.

Nowdays, I enjoy reading the Writing Magazine and doing the odd story or poem. Just casual really.

and now other stuff…

I’ve been thinking recently and have to the conclusion that a readathon would be nice, I am not sure when yet so please feel free to say a date (preferably before the 6th and up to a week long), if you’d like to join of course.

Well that’s it for today, I like doing posts like this so it will most properly happen again some day…



July Wrap Up & other rambles

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of blog posts recently- I’ve got some great news, I’ve moved! The new house is spacious and more room for books shelves! Anyway, let me grab you into the actual post.

I read 6 (ish), books this month and enjoyed everyone of them for different reasons. Here they are with pictures this time!

161538Feminist Fight Club    4/5 stars

978159514188013 Reasons Why  4/5 stars

519tiypTWRL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Sinclairs Mysteries The painted Dragon  3/5 stars

32827036.jpgInk 4/5 stars

f043712f-4655-4c8a-b60f-fca1e4c6ca9fThe Hate U Give 5/5 stars


MatchedMatched 2/5 stars

So, a good month when it comes to reading despite everything!