My Top 6 Favourite Booktubers!

I send a Big hello to everyone on this cloudy (or sunny, dark, wacky) Thursday (or any other day)!


I’ve come with a new post on Booktube! And because I now spend approximatly 1/4 of my day watching it and the following people I thought why not blog about them and it. Soooo I hope you enjoy!

  1. Read By Zoe2017-08-10-20-49-31--1549491945

It took a while for me to get into her, but now I would watch her her forever if I could! She is generally cheery and can be hilarious.

2.  PolandBananasBookstumblr_msha8aIvov1ruonawo1_250.gif

With crazy, bouncy videos her videos are easily enjoyable. Anyway, she has nice music- what’s not to love?

3. Peter Likes Bookspeter-monn-peter-likes-books

Peter talks more about adult fiction (and some YA), and therefore throws something different into the mix of awsome Booktubers. He always makes his videos entertaining and he’s very different from most Booktubers.

4.hqdefault JesseTheReader

The same as PolandBananasBooks, Jesse is popular on Booktube and this understandable as he always has fun videos. He mostly posts skits (if you like) and humerous takes on the reader’s life.

5. Naya reads and smilesphoto

I don’t know who wouldn’t love Naya- she’s just amazing! She’s truthfull in her videos, great at vlogs and she has great hair! Perfect, right?

6. A clockwork readerProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hannah is probably my favourite on this list, as well as the one who got me into booktube and made me a complete bookworm! Calm and charming she’s just the completely and utterly perfect booktuber for me!


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