Book related(ish) Rant- writing & things

  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you’d know that I have a fond interest in writing, so now, on this peaceful monday I will tell you of my interest…


When I was little (about 2ish), I began writing my own stories, now I couldn’t writell so it was all just X, O and I. Example: XXOOOIXIO. Nobody else could read it besides moi, they were normallyou about princesses and castles as I was just an average girl who liked pink.

Well, that was that really.

But when I went to school I was introduced to the wider world (a very small corner really but so huge in contrast to my little world), here I really flourished, in my own way anyway.

The next year or two was where I really progessd. Wse had this reading carousel and one of the activities was writing. Just general writing, about anything and everything we wanted to. It was so varied that one time I wrote about my aunt and uncles wedding and another time about an attic or something like that. Yeah, it was good.

Now, a dreaded topic that is a nightmare for some and others a dream of unicorns (weirdos (jokes, don’t worry your still awsome)),spooky spellingpookyghastly grammer. I think you’ve already guessed my thoughts, I hated it. It would always be there like a pesky itch- it will be gone for a bit and then ahhhh it’s back again.

Nowdays, I enjoy reading the Writing Magazine and doing the odd story or poem. Just casual really.

and now other stuff…

I’ve been thinking recently and have to the conclusion that a readathon would be nice, I am not sure when yet so please feel free to say a date (preferably before the 6th and up to a week long), if you’d like to join of course.

Well that’s it for today, I like doing posts like this so it will most properly happen again some day…





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