3 ideas for dorm rooms

Hello everyone! I hope your week so far has been good, mine has anyway.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted  anything on boarding school sorry for those who were interested on the subject, but today I’m returning with ideas for dorm rooms!

Let’s just jump right in:


pimp up your pin board!

I don’t know about other schools but my school provides pin boards, which we put up our timetables along with photos/ quotes and notes from friends. Here are some good examples of creative pin boards…

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2. Lights, Camera, Action

I haven’t actually seen these at school , but it’s seems a nice idea!

3. All about the bed

If you are trying to minimise packing amounts do not do this, but it’s always looks good when there’s plenty of pillows and throws on your bed. They’re also good for floor beds on Saturday evening movies!


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