Readathon Results

To be honest, I’ve never done a readathon before so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect but it turned quite good (for a first timer anyway.) 

The first day was focused, extremely focused. I blocked out any distractions and read. Here are may results for Day 1:

Day 1:

Lady Midnight: 10 pages

13 Reasons Why: 288 (whole book)

Today (day 2) was less concentrated and I found that helped me and I read more. It was probably more of a variety than more pages read. Anyway…

Day 2:

Lady Midnight:31 pages

The Painted Dragon: 205 pages

Tyger, Tyger (and other poems): 21 pages


555 pages

That’s okay if you ask me.

Thanks for reading!😊







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4 thoughts on “Readathon Results

      1. Omg ! I just found a partner today ^_^ . We scheduled a readathon for next year ( a long time to wait for , but it’s just cool ! ) . Maybe we could do one together , too , sometime 🙂


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