The girl of ink and stars

The girl of ink and stars  is about Isabella who lives in one in many villages on a forgotten island. Her father’s a map maker and she hopes to follow in his footsteps. When a girl is found dead in orchard many strange things begin to happen and no one is safe.

My overall impression of the book remains high– I love the storyline, the plot and the characters. Isabella was determind but also very thoughtful. There’s a little ‘background’ plot, if you like, which ends up being centre of attention at the end- this really helps the story move along.

Even if all that was good, there’s one small point which annoyed me and that’s the feel to the writing. There was nothing much wrong with it, but sometimes the writing style can get you confused about what’s going on. Luckily this doesn’t affect the story that much.

I loved the book dearly and I hope for more good stuff in the future!




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