June- A new month, a new plan



What I plan to get done this month

May was good, but I didn’t really achieve that much, so this month I’m going to do some goals and I have high hopes in achieving them. Unlike other months, this is where I am going to proudly get stuff done.



If you have read my blog before you’ll hopefully know that I go to a Boarding school and (even if you have read my blog), you probably won’t know that I’m continuesly busy all year around. As you can imagine, I do need some sort of plan to keep me in order so here it is:

  • I am going to do some ‘nose-to-the-grindstone’ revision this month in the lead up to exams.
  • Focus is going to be key this month if I want my grades to be perfect.


  • Drink lots of water- it’s getting warmer, so liquid is key to survival thoughout the exam season.
  • Embrace who I am for natural awsomeness- the geeky bookworm🤓!


  • Just read, read, read to get a good mindset and help in other aspects (such as, school).
  • Be more open to read other genres- classics, non fiction etc…etc…


  • Plan every single day for maxime progress and motivation!

Thanks for reading,




Blogging about boarding schools and books

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