The BIG Switch- some tips

Right, being a blog about boarding schools (and books😊) , of course I had to talk about the BIG switch from day school to boarding.


My switch was smooth(ish). I was at day school, I was told I had gotten in to the boarding school, I prepared and then I went. It was only nearer the end of the my first year that I started to wobble with homesickness, luckily I didn’t fall as I saw many others do.

La-di-da lets continue…

Here are a few tips- enjoy🤓

  • Keep Your Focus- If homesickness is getting the better of you, try keep it in the boundries of house, because if it creeps into your schooling then your grades (and overall wellbeing), will most probably slip.
  • Research-It’s good to look into these things. I suggest looking into what to pack- I hope to write a post on this subject soon- how to cope without perants/ careers and, probably my favourite, how to decorate your area.

    Also I advise you look into the school your going to, as they have lists of the many things needed at your school.

  • Keep Calm- The calmer you are the better the switch will be!

Short but sweet!






Blogging about boarding schools and books

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