The Jewel- by Amy Ewing

Auctioned as a surrogate

Imprisoned in the palace of the Duchess of the Lake

Destined to carry the child of a woman she despises


The Jewel got me hooked from the first chapter -in fact, the synopsis was pretty amazing- and after a few sentences I was whisked away into a world of ballgowns, palaces and vicious gossip. With a great overall idea the book’s amazingness (nessness), seemed almost perfect, it just had to have the right writing style and it would become one of my favourite books.

It did just that and fufilled it’s destiny.


It’s storyline seemed to remind me of The Hunger Games. I say seemed, it basically is, in a way ,anyway.

Violet (the main character), exceeded all expectations and had great depth- even if she was a more dainty version of Katniss.😊


P• S• Sorry it’s so short.







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