Day1-My American Aventure

Now, let me get straight the story…

It was really annoying when I figured my motion sickness would influence my plane journey. Well, the first flight was calm, but after my New York stop-over my flight onwards was some sort of rollercoaster, I flew with Delta by the way, and even though their entertainment was FANTASTIC they kept on hitting ‘unexpected bad air’, so the consistantly happy voiced co-captain had said. He also had a long rant at the begin and the end of the flight about the amazing staff (who were rude), on board. This unexpected bad air cropt up every half an hour, this meant that he had to announce it every single time! So, as you can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep.

When we got there I was greeted by my aunt and uncle. I travelled in my aunt’s car (with my mum and brother), and half way there I announced that I was going to be sick. She swerved accross the empty (what do you call it? Motaway? Highway?), main road and threw up some…. stuff. Apparently, it was mere tiredness.

So that was my first day ,night really, in America. I’ll be back with more exciting post and pictures (hopefully), soon!




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