Dover Castle


First of all, I would like to say that Dover Castle is MASSIVE. I didn’t even go around the whole thing today, but I looked around enough to know it is a hard-core (if you enjoy that sort of thing I recommend going there), tourist attraction. (When I say hard-core I mean full of facts, artifacts and tunnels.) It’s not just an attraction for the keen tourists, it offers an immersing eexperience for the kids. With WW2 tunnels, a gift shop packed full of -blunt- wooden swords and the abilty to touch most things, this attraction is practically built for young explorers.

Moving swiftly on….

I started off my journey at the underground Hospital which was a pretty cool experience. The chatty tour guide said that the tunnel had been altered to sound, look and even smell like it would of done all those years ago (WW2). After lunch, I explored the operation dynamo, yet another cool tunnel.

The actual castle was very well kept for an ancient realm- just a few scraps and a small number of missing steps. It was surrounded by lovely grounds which seemed to be never ending. The rooms within the castle were furnished with what historians believe to be medival-like furniture. Overall, a very nice place.


If your not a walker, then this is not your type of attraction, but I’m sure there’s something in the area that will suit you and your needs or disabilities.

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