1960s fashion

This era in fashion is classically known as ‘anything goes’ as many new styles were appearing; these normally broke previous fashion laws that were layed by their ansestors. I’m going to do a quick bus tour of 60s fashion and styles, well, lets begin!


The Hippie

Hippies were trying to make a statement about nature, poverty and equality, not only did they do this through speaking, but through the way they dressed. Influenced by different cultures, hippie fashion was psychedelic patterns, beads, short billowing dresses (girls, normally) and head scarfs. This picture I think sums it up:





Twiggy heavily influenced mainstream fashion in the 60s- trends like ‘baby doll’ and wearing mini skirts started to appear. She had become the face of the 60s, this 16 year old girl was named the ‘world’s first super model’. What a title.




Styles such as: punk, ‘civilised’ (continuing the style used in previous eras), bollywood, swing and BIG HAIR.





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