Feedback and last night- Ughh!

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Hello Peeps!

It is now 2017! This year will hopefully be better than the last one, which seemed to flop in an ugly mess of slime. And as it is now 2017 I would like to get some feedback from all of you (well, the people that are reading this right now (hello!).)

I would just like to know if I’m doing something wrong, if I could be better at something, or something that I’m doing right and I should never change that something. Basically 2stars and a wish (did anyone do that at school?)

Now, last night. *sighs* Could my noisy neighbours be any louder? No, probably not. As soon as I lay down in bed I could hear laughing, chattering and extremely loud music. And guess what the worst part was? They weren’t even on the same floor as my bedroom. I know they were having fun and it was New Year’s Eve, but seriously?

That’s only half of the story…

I woke up later at around 12pm, due to the whizzes and bangs from over the road. Ohh, and next doors ‘wows’ and ‘ohh mys’. Eventually I got up to check on the cat -she was fine, if anyone was wondering- and to visit the bathroom. When I went back upstairs next door had moved into the room next door. More chatter. More laughter.

An hour later, I finally got some sleep.

Happy 2017,




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