A.K.A. Looney Lovegood

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I am not crazy though- I don’t go out every Sunday to buy Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that. I just like it immensly. End of convosation.


Well, my favourite character in Harry Potter would have to be Luna. No mistake. No further comments. Luna. Lovegood. (A.K.A.Looney Lovegood.)

‘Why love Luna?’ I hear you ask.

The answer is very easy- she is utterly different. Not the utterly different where they jump about instead of tip toe or, back flip instead of rolly polly. No, the calm and collected different. She both dresses and acts as an individual. When somrone might slip her nasty nickname does she care? No.


“Everyone this is Looney Lo- Luna Lovegood.”

What does she do, well, she just smiles.



Blogging about boarding schools and books

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