My visit to Tisbury

To me, Tisbury seems to be some sort of paradise. I say that because it’s both peaceful and surrounded by history- and I LOVE both of those things. I spent 2 whole days wrapped up in it’s bliss, and a fluffy jumper!

Tisbury is a train ride away from the Salisbury, a historic city that has amazing shops (by that I mean book shops, vintage shops and staitionary shops), and is practicaly over flowing with history. In other words, it was amazing! It’s not just Salisbury that I went to, I visited Stonehenge as well. If you are not familiar with Stonehenge, it is prehistoric monument consisting of some large rocks and no one really knows what it was built for. I found that having an audio guide really helped me gain a better understanding of this really strange (and cool!), place.

Well, I really enjoyed staying in this unique, small town and I recommend staying there to anyone who enjoys a bit of history!




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