I’m just going to tell you things I’m thinking of. No subject. No certain thing to talk  about.

First of all, I’m pondering on  the thought of saying more about to my life to you all (when I say to you all I’m to my dinhle follower and maybe, just maybe, a few others.) But, I doubt I’ll do that, as to many things are happening in my life, and all those happenings I want to keep locked up in my cicle of friends and family.

Another thing I thinking about is perronal life- but that hsppens to be too personal.

Is anyone reading this? I doubt that. If you are reading this I would ptobably hug you right now! If anyone is at least taking a single glance at this abd is eondering if they should keep reading- I’m very greatful.

A veiw to me is tick on a chart for me ,or,  a step closer to being noticed.

Your probably bored now, I would be bored if I was reading this. I’m quite impatient. Right about now I would be skipping the writing and commenting. But, you don’t have to do that you if you don’t want to.

200 words.

That’s when they say to stop. Will I ?

ANSWER: yes.





Blogging about boarding schools and books

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