Fashion Flashback- 1920s

The 1920s never lacked the message of ‘fun and freedom’ and, through fashion, this message was delivered.

Art Deco

An art that heavily influenced what people wore, was Art Deco. It’s morden feel inspired designers to use geometric patterns on their clothing and soon, Art Deco was a trend everyone was willing to follow.

Finishing touches

One accessory, called the Cloche Hat, was particuarly fashionable- theywere made out of felt and were trimmed with lace or bows. Another trend was to wear a long necklace with either beads or pearls on it. Overall, the addition  of the accessories  made up for the simplicity of the dresses.


The 1920s welcomed a new figure to want- the tomboy. Instead of the womanly curves of previous decades ‘the staight up, straight down’ silhouette was now a desirable fashion statment for those who followed trends.

The 20s broke away from the restrictions of the Victorian era and welcomed a new style -and figure- with openned arms!





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