The girl of ink and stars

The girl of ink and stars  is about Isabella who lives in one in many villages on a forgotten island. Her father’s a map maker and she hopes to follow in his footsteps. When a girl is found dead in orchard many strange things begin to happen and no one is safe.

My overall impression of the book remains high– I love the storyline, the plot and the characters. Isabella was determind but also very thoughtful. There’s a little ‘background’ plot, if you like, which ends up being centre of attention at the end- this really helps the story move along.

Even if all that was good, there’s one small point which annoyed me and that’s the feel to the writing. There was nothing much wrong with it, but sometimes the writing style can get you confused about what’s going on. Luckily this doesn’t affect the story that much.

I loved the book dearly and I hope for more good stuff in the future!


June- A new month, a new plan



What I plan to get done this month

May was good, but I didn’t really achieve that much, so this month I’m going to do some goals and I have high hopes in achieving them. Unlike other months, this is where I am going to proudly get stuff done.



If you have read my blog before you’ll hopefully know that I go to a Boarding school and (even if you have read my blog), you probably won’t know that I’m continuesly busy all year around. As you can imagine, I do need some sort of plan to keep me in order so here it is:

  • I am going to do some ‘nose-to-the-grindstone’ revision this month in the lead up to exams.
  • Focus is going to be key this month if I want my grades to be perfect.


  • Drink lots of water- it’s getting warmer, so liquid is key to survival thoughout the exam season.
  • Embrace who I am for natural awsomeness- the geeky bookworm🤓!


  • Just read, read, read to get a good mindset and help in other aspects (such as, school).
  • Be more open to read other genres- classics, non fiction etc…etc…


  • Plan every single day for maxime progress and motivation!

Thanks for reading,


The BIG Switch- some tips

Right, being a blog about boarding schools (and books😊) , of course I had to talk about the BIG switch from day school to boarding.


My switch was smooth(ish). I was at day school, I was told I had gotten in to the boarding school, I prepared and then I went. It was only nearer the end of the my first year that I started to wobble with homesickness, luckily I didn’t fall as I saw many others do.

La-di-da lets continue…

Here are a few tips- enjoy🤓

  • Keep Your Focus- If homesickness is getting the better of you, try keep it in the boundries of house, because if it creeps into your schooling then your grades (and overall wellbeing), will most probably slip.
  • Research-It’s good to look into these things. I suggest looking into what to pack- I hope to write a post on this subject soon- how to cope without perants/ careers and, probably my favourite, how to decorate your area.

    Also I advise you look into the school your going to, as they have lists of the many things needed at your school.

  • Keep Calm- The calmer you are the better the switch will be!

Short but sweet!




The Jewel- by Amy Ewing

Auctioned as a surrogate

Imprisoned in the palace of the Duchess of the Lake

Destined to carry the child of a woman she despises


The Jewel got me hooked from the first chapter -in fact, the synopsis was pretty amazing- and after a few sentences I was whisked away into a world of ballgowns, palaces and vicious gossip. With a great overall idea the book’s amazingness (nessness), seemed almost perfect, it just had to have the right writing style and it would become one of my favourite books.

It did just that and fufilled it’s destiny.


It’s storyline seemed to remind me of The Hunger Games. I say seemed, it basically is, in a way ,anyway.

Violet (the main character), exceeded all expectations and had great depth- even if she was a more dainty version of Katniss.😊


P• S• Sorry it’s so short.





A few announcements

via Daily Prompt: Better

Sorry it’s been a while since I last wrote, the reasons I will explain later…

  1. I’m afraid ‘my american adventure’ won’t be continued- because of it’s dullness and pure laziness…
  2. I am officially on Goodreads, well, I’ve been on it for a while, but I am taking part in it more. By the way, I am under the name GirlWithTheGlasses.
  3. Looking back, my blogs have been a bit hickle-de-pickle-de so I’ve decided for a change, a perminant change. From now on I’m going to write about reading, as I am a lover that art, art in general (drawing, photography, painting…), and *deep breathes* boarding schools. Yep, I’m finally coming out. I go to a boarding school. That sort of gives you a greater sense of my age. I believe that students who are going to go to a boarding school should know more about it, as when I first started I had no idea of what was to come! Even if you don’t go to one, they are interesting!

How does this link to the daily prompt? Well- let’s just say folks- that from now on my blogs going to be a whole lot better!

Day1-My American Aventure

Now, let me get straight the story…

It was really annoying when I figured my motion sickness would influence my plane journey. Well, the first flight was calm, but after my New York stop-over my flight onwards was some sort of rollercoaster, I flew with Delta by the way, and even though their entertainment was FANTASTIC they kept on hitting ‘unexpected bad air’, so the consistantly happy voiced co-captain had said. He also had a long rant at the begin and the end of the flight about the amazing staff (who were rude), on board. This unexpected bad air cropt up every half an hour, this meant that he had to announce it every single time! So, as you can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep.

When we got there I was greeted by my aunt and uncle. I travelled in my aunt’s car (with my mum and brother), and half way there I announced that I was going to be sick. She swerved accross the empty (what do you call it? Motaway? Highway?), main road and threw up some…. stuff. Apparently, it was mere tiredness.

So that was my first day ,night really, in America. I’ll be back with more exciting post and pictures (hopefully), soon!


Sooooooooo Excited!

Tomorrow I’m going to America! I am really excited as I will be seeing family (and not forgetting close friends of the family) who haven’t seen I what might be century. So, because I one of those people, I will be blogging about it through the form of uploading pictures. Luckily I’ve realised how messy my writing is, so I’m just going to draw.

Anyway, I neeeed to start packing. I know, I know- packing the day before? Are you crazing? Yep, I probably am and hey, none my family have packed either.

5am(ish) start and 2am(uk time) landing, I need all the luck I can smuggle. Plus, I am afraid of heights. Great.

Thanks for reading!🤓🦄



6 bookshelf ideas I’m loving❤

I know this blog sounds a little pointless, but the ideas I found were just to inspiring to not write about. So, I shall now begin…



This book staircase is practical and just amazingly booky- something which I’m craving.



This idea is something most people are familiar with and it had to feature, because of it’s just sooo cool!



Perfect! But, it’s a bit small…


Flybrary space saving bookshelf

I quite like this design, it’s great for someone who likes a bit of new design.




Don’t you just love two-in-one pieces of furniture?



Artwork and books? Now, that’s amazing!

Thanks for reading this rather odd post.